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When it comes to interpreting and translations, Cal Interpreting & Translations can't be beaten in California. After all, it's our name — but you can call us CIT for short. No matter what language you speak or the city you live in California, CIT is here to serve you.

Cal Interpreting & Translations Services serves the state of California

Which is Which?

Of course you know the difference between translation and interpreting. Yet, navigating CIT's vast service array can be daunting. Use our service definition below to hone in on the specific service you need.

Translation Service

Translation Service = Print form

Translation relates to written form, documents. If it's something that ends up produced in writing, you need translation service.

Interpreting Service

Interpreting Service = Sounds & Signs

Interpreting converts messaging intent or words in audible form or visual gestures. If the final product is produced to sound, or by sign language, that's interpreting service.

CIT is California's Best Interpreting & Translation Service Company

As we all know, California is located on the sunny west coast. California has always had a reputation of rich cultural history, diversity, and ethnic background. It is a place where immigrants have migrated to for hundreds and hundreds of years.

In fact, California is home to the most immigrants in the United States. There are about 10.7 million immigrants living in California making up about 27.3% percent of the total population. Since many households here in California are immigrants, they usually are not native English language speakers.

CIT interpreters and translators in California arrive to every job with the highest level of professionalism, so you always get the best.

There are over 200 languages spoken in California as well as over 100 indigenous languages. English is the most spoken language with Spanish being the second. Here is a list of some of the top the non-English languages spoken all throughout California and the number of speakers for each:

Spanish – 10,672,610 speakers
Chinese including Cantonese and Mandarin – 1,231,425
Tagalog – 796,451
Vietnamese – 558,932
Korean – 367,523
Armenian – 182,980
Persian and Iranian – 203,770

All these language facts and statistics make California one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse states in the United States. With so many non-English speakers and so many languages spoken, California’s high demand for interpreters and translators comes as no surprise to us here at CIT. With cultural and linguistic diversities in mind, CIT has the largest network of the most certified and qualified interpreters and translators in all of California.

Our Services

Interpreters – If you are looking for someone to help break down the language barrier between you and your non-English speaking client, patient, or even friend, you will need the aid of spoken word interpreter. Interpreters are there to help facilitate the flow of conversation by taking what the foreign language speaker is saying and orally interpret it usually into the English language. These interpreters are highly skilled and trained in delivering verbatim translations both consecutively and simultaneously.

They have the skill to take complex words from one source language and interpreter it into the target language which can be extremely difficult as not every language has a word for an English word. These complex words can usually be found in most legal and medical settings. This is what sets our interpreters apart from our competitors.

We have the most highly qualified and experienced certified interpreters in just about every language able to assist you for any assignment.
Translators – When you are in need of someone to take your document from one language and translate it into another, you are seeking the services of a certified translator. A translator is a certified professional who is highly qualified to translate everything from legal documents to academic transcripts and birth certificates.

Translators are very popular when it comes to immigration and papers. Many people come to the United States seeking citizenship and are in need of having many things translated such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and so much more needed to make their transition into the United States.

Interpreting & Translation Near You

When it comes to everything language and linguistic related, CIT has got you covered with California’s largest network of certified and qualified interpreters and translators. No language is too rare, no area is too hard to cover and no document goes un-translated at CIT. We guarantee the lowest rates among our competitors and the highest availability of interpreters and translators.

Document Translation Questions & Answers

What is a document translation? A document translation is a process of taking a document that is in a foreign language and converting it into another language.

Why would I need a document translation? Document translation is found most common and necessary for legal paperwork such as documentation for use in trials and hearings.

Can I do my document translation on my own? The short answer is, no. You cannot translate your own document. Document translations need to be done by a professional and certified translator.

Will my document translation be affordable? We guarantee your document to be affordable at the most cost-effective rates! Found someone cheaper? CIT will beat our competitor’s rates.

What languages does CIT translate? CIT provides a translator for just about every language in the world. From Spanish to French to even both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We’ve even translated native American Indian languages such as Blackfoot. See our full list in our main menu!

To Our California Interpreting Clients: CIT Employees Certified CAL. EVID. CODE § 754 Translators

There are approximately 10,000,000 (ten million) people who have hearing loss in the United States, and it's estimated that about 1,000,000 (one million) of them are considered functionally deaf. As a result, The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses to accommodate these disabilities by making reasonable accommodations for normal day-to-day communication needs such as providing sign language or captioning during remote video meetings so those participating can communicate more easily.

The ability to reserve a certified sign-language interpreter is of paramount importance. Our professional courteous and experienced interpreters are the logical choices in facilitating communications between the hearing enabled, people who are deaf or hard-of hear, they can also help those that have limited speech due to medical conditions like paralysis caused by stroke
or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

CIT Meets Your California Trial Requirements For Deaf or Hearing Impaired Person Interpreting

The need for an interpreter can be seen in any civil or criminal action, including traffic tickets. It may also occur when a juvenile court proceeding is being held and other alternatives to incarceration such as mediation are being used by police officers instead of jail time with rehabilitative programs like educational classes on parenting skills; all without the use of English so that communication isn't limited just because one party doesn't speak it fluently.

Under Cal. Evid. Code § 754, an interpreter must be appointed if a present and participating party or witness is unable to communicate fluently in the English language due to hearing impairment or linguistic limitations that affect speech comprehension; this does not include people who are able-bodied but wish their lawyer had assistance during questioning for personal preference reasons only - they can still choose whether or not want them!

We provide translation services for legal proceedings, so you can focus on more important matters.

We want to make sure that all parties involved in court cases have access and understanding of what is happening around them without worrying about language barriers or miscommunications because our team will take care of everything from start to finish!

The requirement of an interpreter applies in (a) any civil or criminal action, including an action involving traffic or other infraction, a juvenile court proceeding, a small claims court proceeding, a family court proceeding or service, or a proceeding to determine mental competency; (b) a court-ordered or court-provided alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration; and (c) an administrative hearing.

Under Cal. Evid. Code § 754(d), an “interpreter” includes an “oral interpreter, a sign language interpreter, or a deaf-blind interpreter, depending upon the needs of the individual who is deaf or hearing impaired.” Pursuant to Cal. Evid. Code § 755(f), the interpreter must be “qualified”, as in “certified as competent to interpret court proceedings by a testing organization, agency, or educational institution approved by the Judicial Council as qualified to administer tests to court interpreters for individuals who are deaf or hearing-impaired.”

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CIT's interpreter is such a rockstar, and it’s so great to have him as a lead interpreter for our Board meetings. About Our Interpreters A quotation icon.

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Thank you for always being able to handle emergency interpreting assignments with ease. About Urgent Requests A quotation icon.

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