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Multilingual Transcription Services

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) provides professional multilingual transcription, which is the transfer of oral language to written form.

We take your multilingual recordings on DVDs, audio tapes, video tapes, mini-cassettes, and electronic files and convert them into a detailed written format. Our professional and certified translators take that multilingual text and translate it into English creating a complete English transcript of the original file. 

Our infrastructure allows processing of large projects and file. We use cutting edge technology recording and apply state-of-the-art hardware and software to facilitate the smoothest transfer between all mediums. All files are transferred in a secure FTP format. We value your confidentiality of your files, and take measures to secure the confidentiality of  our clients and their work product.

Multilingual Translation

Cal Interpreting & Translation’s multilingual linguists provide precise transcriptions of all recording mediums. Our professional linguists have delivered thousands of hours of transcriptions in all language combinations, covering a myriad of topics.  We also offer extensive supplemental multilingual services, delivered to you in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective fashion. These services include:

Audio Recordings
Back Translation/Verification
Brand Name Evaluation
Cultural Consultancy
Desktop publishing and typesetting
Video Conference Interpreting
Voice Over

What is Multilingual Transcription?

A common question potential clients always ask Cal Interpreting & Translations is to define transcription, one of the services we offer.

Basically, transcription is the conversion from oral to written form. In the legal arena, for example, a transcriptionist listens to dictations from attorneys and keys them into document form to create and maintain organized and detailed legal records.

What makes for an experienced transcriptionist?
Extensive knowledge of the English language, including understanding of the American accents, expressions, colloquialisms, slang, and etc.
Excellent grammatical skills.
Prior experience in the given field (legal, medical, education, and etc.).
Why Choose Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) for Multilingual Transcription?

We will match any transcription quote from all California translation agencies.  Simply provide us with a written proposal from any other translation agency, and we will beat that quote. We confidently state that no other translations service provider can offer better rates for your transcription assignment. Contact us today, and rest assured that you will receive exceptional language services at the most competitive rates in the translation industry.


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