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Translation Services

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) provides a dedicated team available 24/7 for each client.

We translate 200 languages to English and translation services of English to those same 200+ languages.

Translation To English

CIT provides professional, certified translation of documents, websites and media to English in over 200 languages.

Translation From English

CIT provides professional, certified translation of documents, websites and media to over 200 languages from English.

Specialized Industry Translators

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) is an established translation agency headquartered in Los Angeles servicing California and the United States.

We're experts in translating all major fields which include: legal, medical, entertainment, technology, education, and various branches of government and municipalities.

Single Documents to Large Bids

Of course, we are glad to translate your single document. Some of our largest clients start with the smallest requests.

Put your enterprise-level task in the hands of our knowledgeable certified translators who specialize in providing high volume quality translations in the most time-efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Document Translation

Businesses, organizations, and individuals need document translators for many standard documents. Here is a small sample of the many documents CIT translates on any given day.

Annual Report Translation

Balance Sheet Translation

Bill of Lading Translation

Cash Flow Statement Translation

Employee Handbook Translation

Financial Statement Translation

License Agreement Translation

Owners Manual Translation

Policy Manual Translation

Regulatory Filing Translation

Don't worry if you don't see a document listed here you want to be translated. Call us or use our request form. We will take care of you.

Certified Translation Services

Our translation services are superior to that of other translation agencies because we place a high premium on quality for all translation assignments. Our expert translators thoroughly analyze each file to gain the contextual background for each translation project.

CIT works with our clients to appreciate the objectives, goals, and nuances for each translation assignment. Afterward, each assignment is narrowly tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client considering the subject matter, technicality, word count, and cultural concerns.

We provide the level of quality and precision that you’re looking for in a document translation service.

Official Document Translation Services

Whether your document is official or you want to make it official — we can translate it. CIT provides official document translation regardless of its classification. We translate official documents i.e., those issued by government entities and recognized institutions and private official documents. These helpful labels can help you accurately reference what type of document translation service you require.

CIT unravels the topic of official document translation if you would like to learn more. The bottom line is CIT handles all forms of official document translation.

Industries We Translate

Legal Translation Services

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) has a complete legal translation services department to serve you in over 200 International Languages. We partner with our clients to provide personalized legal translation services.

Legal document translation services include adoption, license, patent, military, court and financial document and contract translation.

Legal Translation is the translation of any lawful content, such as documents, contracts, patents or statements, from one language to another.

When providing legal translation services, making sure these legal documents transition between languages completely and accurately should be the top priority for any legal translation specialist.

What Languages Does CIT Translate?

CIT translates over 200 languages. We feature popular languages like Spanish translation (our most popular) and French translation below.

Our Most Requested Language Translation Services

CIT translates to and from Spanish more than any other language. Other popular requests include Chinese, French, Arabic, and even Mayan Languages.

Spanish Language Translation

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) is committed to meeting your Spanish translator needs by providing you with fast and accurate Spanish to English legal, medical, educational, and entertainment translation and interpreting services.

We understand your strong sense of urgency and realize your deadlines must be met, while maintaining the integrity of your translated materials.

We provide professional and certified Spanish translation and interpreting services in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and nationwide. Our Spanish translators are reliable, experienced and qualified to provide high quality Spanish interpreting and translations.

French Translation Services

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) provides a wide array of French translation services. We have significant experience translating and transcribing official French documentation of all kinds, including court, government, and other legal documents, medical forms, and educational paperwork.

We also have extensive experience translating French for virtually every industry that might require French translation including film and television, banking, biotechnology, sports, education, engineering, technology and software, insurance, and marketing.

Our friendly, expert French interpreters and translators can translate pretty much anything into French or from French and even French Creole.

Translations At Competitive Prices

Our high-quality translations are rapidly delivered at competitive pricing in the most efficient and flexible manner. Our business infrastructure and premium on technology enables us to handle any document format, and to deliver translations in all mediums.

Understanding the significance of delivering a quality translation that meets your specific demands and requirements, our translation teams make every effort to satisfy all of your expectations and create a very polished end-product.

We also appreciate and understand the importance of confidentiality and make every effort to safeguard your information. Having translated thousands of pages of highly sensitive and confidential documents, we have implemented many safeguards to ensure that your information is not compromised, and your confidentiality is always maintained.

We stand behind our translations and guarantee accuracy, punctuality, and confidentiality. It is our knowledge, infrastructure and the wealth of resources that allow us to competently handle even your most complex projects.

This is why Cal interpreting & Translations is the logical choice for your translation services. Our proven track record speaks for itself so contact us today to receive a quote for your translation project.

What are translation services?

Translation services relate primarily to converting one language to another in various forms. In the literal sense, translation is applied to words or text. Cal Interpreting & Translations has a full team who are highly specialized to translate everything from documents to subtitles and transcribing audio.

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Clients Served

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CIT's interpreter is such a rockstar, and it’s so great to have him as a lead interpreter for our Board meetings. About Our Interpreters A quotation icon.

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Thank you for always being able to handle emergency interpreting assignments with ease. About Urgent Requests A quotation icon.

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