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Business Translation Services

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Translation Services For Businesses

Cal Interpreting and Translations (CIT) provides a plethora of business translation services ranging from financial translations to legal translations to technology translations. Communication is important in business, and as the world becomes more diverse and globalized, the ability to adequately communicate to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees becomes ever more essential.

CIT Professional Translation Services

CIT has a fully dedicated and experienced team of human translators to provide language solutions in over 250 languages. We take pride in our professional translation services. Accurate translation and interpreting are key to preserving meaning and context. Business translations are a specialized facet of translation services, and we ensure certified native speakers are trained in the specific business terminology for the accuracy required in a high-stakes situation.

Business Translation Services Are Essential For Global Markets

Having the capability to communicate clearly across different markets is a crucial part of international business. When expanding your business to new foreign markets, it is imperative to correctly translate your important financial documents, reach your target demographic with marketing translations, and do proper risk assessments and feasibility studies through native speakers familiar with the culture. Our translation service providers can help bridge the language gap between you and your international customers.

Normal business operations may involve a vast network of partners and suppliers from various countries. It is vital to have clear and concise communication for operations to run smoothly. Translation and interpreting services may be important tools in daily operations.

International Business Brings Diversity

With globalization comes more diversity. Companies are hiring and employing more and more people from various ethnicities with cultural differences and languages. CIT offers services to help navigate through any language barrier that may come along the way. We also provide diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting

Marketing Translations

It is human nature to ignore things we don't quite understand. People respond to messaging and prefer to speak in their native language. We all like to be comfortable; speaking and hearing our native tongue keeps us in our comfort zone. Creating marketing material in a person's native language can give the message more volume and feel more personal, producing a better return on investment (ROI).

Translators Prevent Errors

Miscommunication from poor interpretation and translation can be costly. Poor quality translation can affect the outcome of a court case or business deal; they can prevent someone from being hired for a job, invalidate a contract, or even result in harmful medical treatment. CIT can provide professional certified translation services to ensure communication is as clear and concise as possible.

Business Interpreting Service

Interpretive services are used to facilitate real-time verbal or signed communication between people who speak different languages. CIT offers on-site and in-person interpreting (OSI), over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), and video remote interpreting (VRI) using platforms such as Zoom. We also offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services.

Interpreting services may be necessary for real-time business-related scenarios such as business meetings, conference calls, or negotiations when the parties involved speak a different language. Assistance with language barriers may be needed for legal or medical purposes, such as assisting in legal proceedings and depositions or medical appointments and procedures.

What Business Interpreting Services Does CIT Offer?

Cal Interpreting & Translations offers language solutions for many circumstances and settings, including:

  • Briefings
  • Focus Groups
  • Negotiations
  • Press Interviews
  • Verbal Testimony
  • Conference Events
  • Diplomatic Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade Shows
  • Legal Interpreting

Translation Service

Translation services involve changing the written text of various content from one language to another. High-quality translation services will effectively convey the original text's message and meaning while also accounting for style, tone, intent, and cultural differences.

Certified Document Translation Services

Content requiring translation services includes both official and informal material. An official translation is a legally valid translation by a certified translator. It often requires notarization and certification to prove that the official documents are authentic and accurately translated to reflect the source document. Certified translations include legal government documents such as immigration papers, birth certificates, and diplomas. Unofficial or informal translation services include website translation, software localization, or anything that does not require a certificate of authenticity.

What Translation Services Does CIT Offer?

Our experienced and professional translators are on hand to provide translations for documents and content such as:

  • Annual reports 
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Corporate websites
  • Articles of Organization
  • Business Plans
  • Prospectuses
  • Insurance documents
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Fictitious Name Certificates
  • Marketing materials
  • Ad campaigns
  • Private and public offerings
  • Partnership agreements

Interpretation and Translation for Many Industries

Cal Interpreting & Translations covers language services across many industries, including:

  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Government
  • Travel
  • Business

The Best Business Translation Services

CIT has an extensive network of interpreters and translators from all around the world. We provide interpreting and translation services for over 250 languages. We are experts in multiple languages, including rare and indigenous languages.

CIT has over a decade of experience handling business documents of all languages and complexities. We will ensure quality management and assign a dedicated project manager if you have a larger translation project.

Native Linguists

We utilize native speakers for the most accurate translation services. Native speakers are not only familiar with the language but also phrases, idioms, mannerisms, styles, and other cultural nuances that contain relevance. A literal translation or using the wrong word or phrase can be insulting and costly.

For more important documents or situations, we use native speakers for all target languages. This improves quality control and accuracy.

Why Choose Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) for Your Business Translation Needs?

Certified Translators

  • We provide certified translators and interpreters for your needs. We have translators with all the necessary certifications to ensure the highest quality translations.

The most qualified person for the job

  • We have a system to tailor the service to the most qualified person in our network. They are specialized translators and interpreters in their respective fields.

We use native speakers

  • Using a native speaker allows us to get the most accurate translations and account for cultural nuances that may be missed from something such as machine translation.

Customer satisfaction and good service

  • We are committed to providing high-quality service and keeping our customers happy.

Pro Bono Language Access

  • Pro Bono Language services are provided to refugees in various situations worldwide. We are currently providing language services to Ukrainians who need assistance.

Always Accessible

  • Communication is perpetual and does not follow business hours. Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays and for last minutes needs.

Competitive Rates

  • We constantly test our rates with our competition. If you find better rates, please let us know so we can do our best to beat them.

Need A Quote For Business Translation or Interpreting?

Have a question or need a free quote for language services? Contact us at or call us at 888.737.9009. We are available 24/7.

Business Translation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer software localization services?

We provide website localization services, digital localization services, gaming localization services, as well as many others. We provide dual native translators to ensure both languages are handled properly and nothing is missed.

Do you provide legal translation services?

We provide legal translation services of all types. We regularly work with many large law firms and government agencies for all kinds of legal services.

Do you guarantee that your translated documents are accurate?

We use certified translators and native speakers for your target language. Our translation quality is excellent, and we firmly believe in our process and that we are the best translation company. We handle translation services from large mergers & acquisitions to individual poems in indigenous languages. If you need a specific guarantee or have a specific expectation, please let us know in advance so we can ensure the best results.

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