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Cal Interpreting and Translations is one of the most influential providers of lingual services in the nation, as we have given our clients access to vetted, experienced, and knowledgeable experts at the lowest rates. We also have the best customer service. Word of mouth has allowed CIT to become an industry leader in just 10 short years. We have seen a great deal of success because of the exceptional value that we offer customers.

CIT’s medical interpreters and translators are guaranteed to know their language pairs perfectly, because they are field-tested and active in their professions. They have a specific understanding of grammar in addition to fluency, and they are screened for knowledge of different cultures and figurative language. Their goal is to present the clearest version of their source, whether it be a document or a person, no matter how challenging the assignment is. You can rest easy knowing that your information is safe, as all CIT linguists abide by strict ethics codes that ensure confidentiality.

Medical Lingual Services

The medical field is essential to every single person in the world and is an area that will never slow in terms of new jobs and innovation. Because it is extremely lucrative and interesting, healthcare and scientific research attract a great number of professionals. The need to communicate with those who lack the proper English skills is growing. Advances in technology have allowed us to travel and interact much more quickly than ever before, so the demand for lingual services is growing as well.

Hospitals often employ CIT to assist with appointments, financial documents, and many kinds of tests. Our firm’s medical translators and interpreters all possess an acute knowledge of medical concepts and jargon to be able to give accurate service. In any given situation, even a native speaker of the language or the most talented healthcare professionals would not be able to fully assist someone lacking the proper tools to communicate, either because they do not know the terminology or they are not fluent in the language. That is where CIT steps in. We provide specialists who know the languages and the industry.

Medical Translation Services

Adult Health History Form
Appeal Medical Claim Denial
Caregiver Daily Notes
CAUTION Pregnant Women Should Not Enter Sign
Complaint Forms
Consent to Immunize
Consent to Procedures
Consent to Treatment
Consent Treatment Minor Child
CPAP Airplane Letter
Doctor Appointment Treatment Reminder Cards
Doctor Referral Form
File Medical Claim Letter
Flu Shot Consent Form
Informed Consent Documents
Initial Exam Report
Instructions for Patients
Insurance Verification Sheet
Intake Forms that Have Clinical Consequences
Letter of Medical Necessity
Medical Cabinet Inventory Sheet
Medical Excuse Note
Medical Record Translations
Medical Records
Medical Records Transfer Form
Medical Report
New Patient Release
No Cash Accepted Sign
No Checks Accepted Sign
No Sharps Sign
Notice of Free Language Assistance
Notices of Eligibility Criteria for Services
Nursing Room Sign
Pain Assessment Sheet
Pain Level Chart
PAR-Q Form
Patient Discharge Form
Patient Information Form and Questionnaires
Patient Sign In
Physical Therapy Intake Form
Pre-Employment Physical Form
Progress Documents
Reception Sign
Release of HIPPA Information
Return to Work Form
Rights and Responsibilities Forms
School Physical
SOAP Note with Body
SOAP Notes
SOAP Progress Notes
TB Test Report
Therapist Sign
Therapy Intake Form
TSA Medication Sign
Verification of Pregnancy Form
X-ray Release Form
X-Ray Sign

What We Can Do For You

The smallest mistake in interpretation or translation can have disastrous effects on the flow of the exchange or the meaning of the document, so it is extremely important that you hire a trained linguist who understands how important precision is. Medical fields such as optometry, pediatrics, radiology, and cardiology, a common part of daily life, all require patient-doctor interactions, so it is important to make sure that you understand one another. CIT holds professionalism to be very important, as it ensures that its staff and contractors provide the best service and perfection with every job.

Cal Interpreting and Translations operates globally, so we can help you with any language wherever you are on the planet. We offer various forms of interpreting in addition to their flawless translating, both of which are available for rush assignments.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
Open 24/7
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
Open 24/7
24 hour
To Our California Interpreting Clients: CIT Employees Certified CAL. EVID. CODE § 754 Translators

There are approximately 10,000,000 (ten million) people who have hearing loss in the United States, and it’s estimated that about 1,000,000 (one million) of them are considered functionally deaf. As a result, The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses to accommodate these disabilities by making reasonable accommodations for normal day-to-day communication needs such as providing sign language or captioning during remote video meetings so those participating can communicate more easily.

The ability to reserve a certified sign-language interpreter is of paramount importance. Our professional courteous and experienced interpreters are the logical choices in facilitating communications between the hearing enabled, people who are deaf or hard-of hear, they can also help those that have limited speech due to medical conditions like paralysis caused by stroke
or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

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