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Woman with long hair signing to 2 people that are looking at her at a business function.

How To Use A Sign Language Interpreter

Using a sign language interpreter offers multiple benefits for deaf...

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U.S. States with Largest Share of Population Speaking Foreign Language according to 2018 U.S. Census

Most Spoken Languages In The US

One-fifth of the population in the US speaks a language other than English or...

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CIT 24 HOUR Interpreting & Translation Service

24-hour Translation Service In Over 200 Languages

When you think of businesses that never close, do translation services come...

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Immigration Translators by Cal Interpreting and Translations

K'iche' Interpreters Save Migrants From Deportation

We provide K’iche’ interpreters to assist with nationwide immigration court...

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Coinciding with International Migrants Day on December 18, Mayor Garcetti signed an executive directive aimed at providing migrants equitable access to critical City services and programs.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Honors International Migrants Day

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, proclaimed December 18th as...

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Marvel Studios Echo on Disney+

Why Marvel's Echo In Hawkeye Is Authentic

Marvel has always been a progressive storyteller. Their Marvel Cinematic...

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