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In-depth Guide to Interpretation Equipment

We understand that interpreting equipment is often complex and technical. At CIT, we take the time to meet your needs by providing you with a one-stop shop for all of your “equipment” needs! We work closely with our clients on an individual basis in order to understand their requirements so we can provide them with solutions tailored specifically for them.

At CIT, our experts will always choose the best solution possible based on what they know about you – from knowing which type of language services are needed (Simultaneous Interpretation or Voiceover), understanding how many interpreters are required at each booth or whether any special microphones need to be used while ensuring physical obstructions do not create issues during sessions like brick walls as well as other receivers

Where's The Equipment Rental Prices?

Because there is a constant change in our inventory due to stocking what we consider the best in technical specifications, it’s not practical to list prices. 

Just call us! We are glad to tell you the best price at the time you call. 

Toll Free! 888.737.9009

There Are Many Options To Consider

Do you require simultaneous interpretation? Is your meeting or event crowded?  One must consider the type of space, the layout of the guests, the number of speakers, and the number of languages spoken, among other variables. A CIT team member will work with you to align just the right gear for your specific interpreting location.

What is Interpreting Equipment?

Maybe your no expert in interpreting equipment. You won’t need a specialist to get your hands on quality interpreting equipment because you have CIT to assist you in selecting what is best for your event. CIT rents a wide array of items  which may include: portable/handheld transmitters and receivers for 

Do I Need an On-Site Technician?

In some cases, an on-site technician is not necessary. When conducting a deposition, lecture, or small meeting, CIT’s skilled conference interpreters can handle everything. In these instances, portable, handheld transmitters and receivers are used. Except for unique cases involving things like obstructive brick walls and interfering electronic channels, these small-scale events do not usually require a technician.

However, in many situations, an on-site technician is absolutely imperative. As we discussed above, when using a soundproof booth, a technician sets up the booth, configures audio channels, troubleshoots during the event, and breaks down the equipment following the event. Many recommend an on-site technician for table-top booth interpretation as well, in order to prevent any last-minute issues.

CIT is proud to provide excellent audio engineers and sound technicians to accompany our interpreting equipment rentals. Our firm provides highly skilled, trained, and certified linguists for even the simplest of jobs. Equally importantly, we understand the importance of your event, so we work hard to ensure everything proceeds as planned.

In What Settings Are Interpreting Equipment Used?

Interpreting equipment is used in many settings, essentially anywhere simultaneous interpreting is required, especially for larger groups. Below are some common examples of settings where interpreting equipment is used. So ask us about any type of event, and type of venue challenge, or any rare language combinations!

What Types of Interpreting Equipment Rentals Does CIT Provide?

CIT is proud to offer state of the art interpreting equipment and the most skilled audio technicians in the industry. Our firm can accommodate events of any size event, language combination, and deadline. Contact CIT today to request the equipment, technicians, and interpreters to ensure that your conference or event proceeds flawlessly.


It's okay if you're not ready today. Let us answer your questions.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour
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