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Human Resources Translation Services

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Human Resources Translation Services

The complexity of a human resources translation services search to resolve your cross-cultural communications can leave your small business or organization vulnerable and subject to legal action. CIT is unique.

Our management team is fully staffed by attorneys. They guide our translation team through internal and external human resources document translations.

Furthermore, CIT can assist with employee meetings that may require interpreting on-site or remotely via VRI or telephonic services. That includes interpreting for the Deaf.

Consulting is also at your disposal when you need diversity equity & inclusion consulting.

We have no minimum document size requirements.

Regardless of your business size, you can evaluate CIT with a single document translation as small as a letter of intent. Translating a single document with CIT. You'll know you've found a great future partner for all of your human resources translation services needs.

Here are samples of the human resources translations services CIT provides.

Compliance Documents

Clearly stated policy (or NDA) is key to policy conformance. Our team works with you directly to ensure regulations and policy are understood.

Employee Handbooks

Employee manuals are in consistent demand from Spanish to Russian. CIT has deep background and you can expect fast and efficient turnaround.

Product Manuals

Highly accurate technical details translated in over 200 languages.

Employee Benefits

Our team handles every aspect of translating your benefits package. Insurance, Financial plans, Vacation & Parenting time off, to perks and discounts.

Insurance Documents

As part of an employee benefits package, we provide complete translation of all associated forms of health insurance. Dental, vision, life, etc...


Culturally inappropriate communications can leave you vulnerable to legal action. CIT's management team is made up of attorneys who guide these translations.

Training Manuals

As important as a safety manual translation, an accurate training manual translation is good business. We assigned technically adept accredited translators.

Safety Manuals

A good or bad translation of a safety manual can make or break a business. Recognizing that important aspect of the job is why we're the best.

Employment Applications

Don't take documents such as these for granted. You want the best employees. Use the best, fast, efficient translation service.


Language barriers have a huge impact on employee relations. Don't waste all your hard work by not translating your newsletter.

Employee Review Forms

Improving communication with a domestic staff can be difficult on it's own. We'll help ensure the nuance of review helpful.

Promotional Materials

Localizing targeted advertising unlocks markets and boosts brand awareness. Using professionals avoids inappropriate context.

Annual Reports

Disseminating annual reports to international prospects is smart business.

Office Procedures

Communicate in a culturally sensitive manner and employees will understand office procedures as they are intended.

Patent Translation

You've prepared your patent. Your attorney insists the translation is flawless. Our attorneys are your ace in the hole.

Recruiting Materials

You are the key to your company's success in staffing and recruiting. We make certain your voice is clear to retain the best candidates.

Multinational corporations are not the only organizations with a multinational workforce. The power of the Internet has expanded the limits of the international market. As a result, employers now have the opportunity to work with qualified professionals from all over the world.

Diversity has been increased by an influx of foreign-speaking employees. They contribute to the work environment's effectiveness. The result is more responsibility for the company towards its blended workforce.

Most certainly you want to run an innovative business that promotes the trends of the international market. Our translation services will ensure you hire the educated employees top notch organizations seek out. It's all done by expertly overcoming language barriers.

You have many choices. CIT's legal background assures adherence to standards such as ISO 17100. That is the peace of mind you need. Rely on us for human resources document translations.

Consequently, good translation service helps to keep your staff on the same page. It keeps your international workforce informed about the company’s policies and procedures. Expert translation service ensures clear communication. With CIT you'll meet the challenge U.S organizations with multinational employees face.

Translation for human resources documents

At Cal Interpreting & Translations, we provide certified, professional and faithful to the original translations of all kinds of human resources documents.

What are some examples? Human resource forms to employment applications. On any day our staff will translate human resource policies, handbooks and manuals. It's routine to translate training material, safety documents, review forms, benefits packages and employee newsletters. However. No job is treated as routine.

Human resources translations allow no room for misunderstandings about policies, violations or safety procedures. Cal Interpreting & Translations team consists of a native-speaking network of qualified, well-prepared and experienced translators. That is why you can be assured the original document's intent is communicated clearly.

CIT Provides Interpreting & Translations For The Following Human Resources Materials In More Than 200 Languages:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee/employer contracts
  • Compliance documents
  • Workplace safety documents
  • Employee manuals and benefits plans
  • Training videos
  • Training programs
  • Insurance documents
  • Corporate websites
  • Private and public offerings
  • Merger agreements
  • Candidate evaluation form
  • Minimum wage poster
  • Application for employment
  • Employee non-solicitation agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Employee disciplinary notice

Cal Interpreting & Translations helps you show your dedication to employees and their nationalities, increase your employee’s productivity and run your company effectively.

For example, 13.6% of the U.S workforce is Hispanic as well as the constant increase of the number of Spanish-speaking individuals, Cal Interpreting & Translations offers human resources translations in Spanish and over 200 other languages.

Why Choose Cal Interpreting & Translations to Translate your Human Resources Materials?

  • You receive experienced and professional translators in the target language
  • 24/7 access for all your translation needs
  • Best translation industry rates
  • No rush fees
  • Guaranteed faithful to the original quality translations
  • 200 translated languages
  • US Government regulatory requirements are always met such as: § 1003.33

Contact us at 888.737.9009 today for your translation needs.

In conclusion, your choice in quality human resources translation services will save you time and money. Using professional human resources translation services protects you from lawsuits. It avoids misunderstandings that could otherwise arise after unsuccessful communication with your foreign-speaking staff.

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