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Banking Translation Services

English is the most commonly spoken language in banking translation services. Yet, the banking industry needs the ability to connect with people who speak other languages and offer banking products and services in their native tongue. This is where banking translation comes into play: it’s a bridge to the future of banking that connects people from all over the world and facilitates global banking opportunities.

CIT makes it easy to break the language barrier because we offer the full excellence of our services in nearly every big city on the planet. The firm’s vision of lingual services has long placed an emphasis on client satisfaction, so our specialists triple check each document before sending it to the client. These same processes that guarantee accuracy are applied rush jobs, which are meant to facilitate client deadlines by expediting the assignment. Our firm has become a well-industry provider of banking and financial translations.

Language competency is the foundation for many other elements that are essential to translating. Using fluency as well as the cultural understanding and knowledge of the industries at hand, CIT effectively maintains the tone, details, and big ideas of every single document in order to give you the full picture of your document.

CIT understands that the perfection of our work has a direct effect on the document being discussed because even the smallest change in verbiage or omission of a word can change the meaning of the communication. For this reason, CIT looks far and wide to select the most accurate translators in the entire lingual industry. Our customer service team can answer calls no matter what time of the day it is. In addition, because our translators are located around the world, they can complete jobs at any time of the day. This is especially relevant when it comes to rush jobs, CIT is always competitively priced! Call us now, 888.737.9009.

CIT in the Financial World

Navigating the world of banks, private equity, and wealth management can be extremely challenging. It requires knowledge of countless tax codes and laws, and there are serious punishments for those who don’t follow them. In addition, the massive amount of forms and documents that you need to fill out is typically overwhelming. This is even true when they are in your native tongue. CIT works with each client personally to understand their needs and have them work with the best interpreter. We provide unrivaled banking and financial translations. We can do this, because of our extremely caring staff and a large amount of specialized interpreters.

CIT’s financial translators have a particularly intimate knowledge of the industry because they have years of training and experience in the field. Bank records and various statements are private, so CIT maintains a high level of security with regards to your documents. We train employees in the importance of confidentiality as soon as they are brought about. Our firm works with Fortune 500 companies in addition to individuals. We make many options available so that we can take on big and small jobs alike. The fidelity of your translation is extremely important because there is a high chance that your financial translation will be used by an international conglomerate or government. These particular groups often request that a certified translator is used, which CIT can provide.


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