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We provide Simultaneous Interpretation services in over 250 languages. Do you need Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting services for your next conference? Get a free quote today.

Difference Between Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the presenter will speak for 3 or 4 minutes while the interpreter takes down notes. The speaker will then make a pause while the interpreter relays the translated message. This means each speech takes twice the time! Consecutive interpreting is ideal for small meetings (e.g. parent-teacher meeting, medical appointments)

In simultaneous interpreting, the presenter speaks naturally and a team of 2 interpreters will translate live what is being said, usually switching every 15 minutes to prevent exhaustion. Simultaneous interpreting usually requires interpreting equipment and the interpreters work from a sound-proof booth. This service is best for conferences and time-sensitive events without room for pauses for consecutive interpreters (e.g. conferences, TV broadcasts.)

Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

A qualified interpreter listens at your next event instantly translating your words to your audiences native language. Speaking at conferences has never been easier because the meaning will be simultaneously translated by an interpreter. Regional team members may confidently express themselves in their mother tongue with regional team members that speak in a different dialect.

For example an American businessman can speak at events made for the Chinese market, while an interpreter is listening giving the interpretations in real-time this allows for questions and answers while the interpreter offers communication simultaneously, giving them the ability to have a conversation in the language spoken by spectators.

Industries That Use Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation can be used by almost any industry, we have found the following industries use our services the most often, however if you have questions about your industry and how we can help you reach a new audience feel free to reach out:

  • Conferences
  • Focus groups
  • Human Resources training (indoor classes and outdoor exercises)
  • Guided visits
  • Tour guides
  • Worship Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Consulates
  • Media production companies and TV Stations
  • Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Meetings, Seminars, and Webinars
  • Multinational Companies
  • Executive Committee Meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Discussion panels
  • School Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Keynotes
  • NGOs like and VisibleThinking
  • Annual meetings
  • Wholesale Trade Shows
  • National & International Sports Broadcasting
  • Events Management Companies and Hotels

These are just a few examples of industries that generally have a need for simultaneous interpretation companies. We provide Simultaneous Interpretation services in over 250 languages worldwide, get a free quote today.

What is remote simultaneous interpretation (or RSI)?

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is a process that allows everyone, including interpreters, the ability to receive a live video & audio feed virtually. RSI provides interpreters, participants, and speakers with the ability to interact in their own language remotely from any location on Earth. To participate in the meeting, all you need is a phone or a laptop, headset, and Internet connection.

remote simultaneous interpretation
Professional Interpreters - CIT

How Does Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Work?

Simultaneous interpretation is the practice of interpreting speech in real-time between two different languages. To minimize expenses and burden on event planners, remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) eliminates the need for on-site interpreters and equipment. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is made possible through cloud computing and smart devices to provide a smooth experience.

Why should you use remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI)?

  • Reduced costs – Our RSI services have been proven to lower the cost of interpreting an occurrence by more than 50% when compared to traditional costs without sacrificing on non qualified interpreters.
  • Increased flexibility - Frequently, press conferences and meetings need to be planned on the fly. RSI allows you to provide feeds in your target language to your audience at any time, anywhere using either conventional receivers or attendees’ own smart devices. RSI also increases access to rare language interpreters.
  • Reduced administrative needs - With immediate access to world-class interpreters event planners can focus on what matters most at their events.
  • Easy Tech Integration - Give up on expensive on-site interpretation equipment. Participants are free to use their own device to listen in their native language and avoiding language barriers, allowing your broadcast to be viewed in their source language thanks to remote simultaneous translation.
  • More environmentally friendly - By allowing interpreters to work from home, you eliminates the need for them to travel significant distances to provide their services, and you the ability to host more visitors at your multilingual meetings and events.
  • More Space at Events - Simultaneous Interpretation eliminates the need for soundproof booths, saving valuable space in the venue. It also reduces the language barrier of background noise that makes the language spoken hard to understand.
  • Greater versatility - With RSI, remote locations with hard-to-reach events like isolated islands, resorts, and mountains can now be served by top interpreters. Simultaneous translation gives you the versatility you need whether you’re targeting one language or multiple, simultaneous interpreters help your speaker reach a new audience.
  • High fidelity sound - Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is capable of providing full bandwidth (20Hz – 20kHz) sound at extremely low latency, as well as high-quality video and lip-sync, despite not relying on costly equipment like IR and radio transmitters.
  • Frictionless experience - Participants can use their devices to communicate with the remote coordinators during events if they want. There is no need to wait for a headset. In addition, we provide tailored technical assistance at events, allowing event organizers to focus on meeting their event targets.

Whether you need remote simultaneous interpretation or in-person interpreters. Cal Interpreting & Translations has the best solutions to get your message across clearly in almost any different language.

Cal Interpreting & Translations has many interpretation services to fit your needs. Get a free consultation with a language professional who can help you decide how we can best assist you with your project needs.

How CIT Can Help With Simultaneous Interpretation

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Single Documents Accepted
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To Our California Interpreting Clients: CIT Employees Certified CAL. EVID. CODE § 754 Translators

There are approximately 10,000,000 (ten million) people who have hearing loss in the United States, and it’s estimated that about 1,000,000 (one million) of them are considered functionally deaf. As a result, The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses to accommodate these disabilities by making reasonable accommodations for normal day-to-day communication needs such as providing sign language or captioning during remote video meetings so those participating can communicate more easily.

The ability to reserve a certified sign-language interpreter is of paramount importance. Our professional courteous and experienced interpreters are the logical choices in facilitating communications between the hearing enabled, people who are deaf or hard-of hear, they can also help those that have limited speech due to medical conditions like paralysis caused by stroke
or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

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