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It may come as no surprise that English is the most common language spoken throughout Ohio as it is with almost every other state. What you may not know is that German is the second most spoken language in Ohio with about 54,328 speakers. In Fact, Ohio’s German ancestry population is at 19%.

In total, about 6.7% of Ohio’s entire population speaks a language other than English. Some of the non-English languages include Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, and French. How does CIT come into play you ask?

Well with such statistics being non-English speakers, CIT is here to service the state of Ohio with the most qualified interpreters and translators in Ohio. Whether it is oral or written, we have the top certified interpreters and translators in the industry.


Our interpreters here at CIT are here to serve you with interpreting services that go above and beyond the industry’s standards. They cover everything from the most complex and demanding assignments such as depositions and medical appointments, to even conferences and meetings. No matter the audience, our interpreters are experts at both simultaneous and consecutive interpretations.

Not only are out interpreters here to facilitate your assignment but our team behind the scenes as well. We can cover assignments given to us months and weeks in advance, the day before, or even the same day. We cover assignments all throughout the Ohio state and have the perfect interpreter for every assignment.

Our interpreters are highly experienced, skilled, and talented. They have accuracy like no other. Our interpreters are able to provide all on-site, telephonic, or Video Remote Interpreting.

CIT guarantees to beat any competitor’s rates!


The next time you need a document translation done in a speedy yet accurate fashion, contact CIT for top-notch document translations. Our certified translators are the top tier in the industry. Our document translation services have been trusted and utilized for years.

We bring you linguists who are all certified so you can rest assured your document translation retains its authenticity from the original. CIT translators are extremely talented in the sense they can take a complex and heavy document in one language and translate it into another all while keeping the integrity of the document. Confidentiality and the privacy of our clients’ personal information is always at the top of our list.

No matter the document, no matter the size, CIT ensures your document translation turnaround time is unbeatable. Next day translations are never a problem for our experienced translator. We translate everything from birth and death certificates to court documents, legal notices, academic records, diplomas and so much more!

Why Choose CIT?

If you want top-notch, top-rated interpreting and translation services in the state of Ohio, be sure to contact CIT! We have the lowest all around rates and the most cost-effective interpreters and translators in all of Ohio. We will take on any assignment and tackle any document.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour
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