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Through our headquarters are in Los Angeles, CIT has provided the best lingual services to countless people and organizations in nearly every language. No matter where you are in the world, we have the linguists to address all of your needs at the lowest rates. Our firm does not sacrifice quality and ensures that all of its interpreters and translators in the Northern Mariana Islands have perfect commands of their chosen language pairs as well as the many nuances that come along with the profession.

We have linguists who are ready to work in any industry, and they work hard to accommodate rush jobs, so be sure to give us a call.

Professionalism is key at CIT, so you can be sure that your requests will be processed by a patient and focused representative in a timely manner. It is our goal to help clients grow, whether it be by attracting new clients or communicating with others, so we have charted a secure course of interpretation and translation in this changing world. The staff is available all day, every day of the week to take every job request and answer any questions.

Additionally, the CIT website is an extremely useful tool for getting assignments on the calendar. Call us today to work with the most skilled interpreters and translators in the Northern Mariana Islands.

CIT in the NMI

The Northern Mariana Islands are strategically located to take advantage of their excellent trading partner, the United States, as well as import skilled laborers from nearby Asia. Tourism from the East has also helped fuel the economy that has long been marked with controversy because the country is not bound by US labor laws. The main agricultural exports are coconuts, tomatoes, and melons, but the contributions of this industry to the economy are dwarfed by the amount of clothing that Northern Mariana Islanders produce.

The culture on the Islands has been significantly affected by the many major powers that surround it, so the main languages spoken there include Chamorro, Carolinian, English, Tagalog, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Our Work

CIT is proud to be a part of the community, as we have been witness to deals that have created thousands of jobs on the islands and helped the communities grow. Every business and individual that has worked with Cal Interpreting and Translations knows how well our firm can be trusted because we have strict rules governing the processes of interpreting and translating. These ideals are manifested in the numerous stages of editing as well as the expectation that every linguist is extremely well trained in their chosen industries.

For example, it is essential that a medical interpreter or translator know the meaning of anesthesia, surgery, and rehabilitation in their target languages.

Investing in your company is the core of growth, so CIT is ready to stand alongside you in doing so. Even the most average of businesses, like doctor’s offices, law firms, and social services workers have to deal with those of low English proficiency every single day, and even the smallest inaccuracy in any of these businesses can have huge effects, so it is important to turn to us.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour
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