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Illinois Interpreters And Translators

Although the residents of Illinois predominantly speak English, the other 20% of the population does not or speaks it as a second language. Due to such a language barrier, it would be nearly impossible to reach this large portion of the population without the aid of an interpreter or translator. CIT is here to provide interpreters and translators throughout the state of Illinois and remove those obstacles.

As stated, English is the most spoken language in Illinois and also the official language. In fact, Illinois was the first state to pass an official language law. With there being so much language and cultural diversity in Illinois, CIT is here to provide interpreting and translation services to aid all forms of communication.

Our interpreters and translators are among the most qualified, as they have been handpicked from a national pool of applicants. We have interpreters and translators for just about every language requested anywhere in Illinois. We provide coverage all throughout the state of Illinois at the most cost-effective and competitive rates.

Interpreting Illinois

The objective of the interpreter is to create a flow of communication by knowing a unique language pair that two people speak individually. They take what the speaker is saying and interpret it into the target language for the other party or audience and vice versa. This helps people like business partners and their colleagues, healthcare workers, and their patients or attorneys and their clients converse without the fear of imprecision.

Our interpreters are experienced in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. CIT provides on-site, telephonic, and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services so all assignment settings.

CIT is able to provide interpreting services and coverage for just about every assignment that comes our way. For more complex and demanding fields such as legal and medical, we provide top certified interpreters.

Translation Services In Illinois

For all written documents that need to be translated into another language, CIT is here to provide translation services in the state of Illinois. Contrary to oral interpretation, written translations have anything to do with taking a document, certificate, or paper in the source language and translating it as accurately as possible into the target language.

Written translation services can be very useful in many situations and opportunities. Many immigrants utilize our translation services when moving and transitioning into America. Our services are requested by many businesses and organizations acquiring global partnerships.

Our talented and skilled translators provide nothing but accuracy and guaranteed confidentiality for all personal information.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour
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