CIT: Cal Interpreting & Translations Services serves the state of Georgia

Georgia's Interpreters And Translators

Georgia is a very populous state with almost 9.6 million residents and counting. This makes them the ninth most populated state in the United States. Cultural and ethnic diversity is also very apparent in Georgia with the state being home to many Hispanic, Indian, and Asian immigrants.

That is where CIT steps in. CIT is here to provide interpreters and translators all throughout the state of Georgia to help bridge the gap of communication and break down any language barriers between you and your non-English speaking client, patient, or even friend. We step in as the facilitator in both oral and written communication. Our interpreters and translators in Georgia can help you with jobs of any type or size.

Our Interpreters

When you have a meeting or a future assignment coming up and you know your client is a non-English speaker or does not understand English very well, contact CIT for one of our highly experienced and highly skilled oral interpreters. We have an interpreter for just about every language in the world and for every assignment and setting. For more complex and demanding assignments such as legal and medical which require ample amounts of heavy terminology, we provide certified interpreters.

Our interpreters are available for all types of assignments and are able to provide on-site, telephonic, or even Video Remote Interpreting services. No matter the setting or service of the assignment, our interpreters will bring the same level of professionalism, accuracy, and knowledge every time.

Our Translators

CIT has access to the top certified and qualified translators in all of Georgia. They are able to handle and tackle any document, any size, and at any time. We guarantee the quickest turnaround time while retaining the highest level of accuracy.

Our translators are sworn to confidentiality as the privacy and safety of our clients’ personal information is one of our top priorities.

Here is a list of some of the documents our translators are experienced in:

Birth & death certificates
Marriage certificates
Divorce agreements/annulments
Business licenses & permits
Tax forms & returns
Academic transcripts & records
Presentations & essays
Wills & trusts
Legal letters & notices
+ So much more!

Our certified translators are here to help you with all of your document translation needs. We have a translator for just about every language qualified and experienced enough to deliver your translation in a timely manner.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
24 Hour Follow-Up M-F
24 hour
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