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Delaware Interpreters And Translators

CIT has been providing interpreters and translators throughout the state of Delaware for several years. Our services have been highly requested and trusted by our many loyal clients and recommended to others throughout the years. Our services provide nothing but professionalism and accuracy for our clients.

We will take on any assignment or document that comes our way. Our rate for both interpreting and translating has proven to be the most cost-effective and the most competitive.

Languages In Delaware

There are about 973,764 residents in the state of Delaware. Of those residents, about 90% of the population speaks English. Even though that is a vastly large majority of the state, you will still always run into or come in contact with a non-English speaker or English is their second language.

Cultural and ethnic diversity and origins can build barriers especially in all forms of communication.

Some of the top non-English language spoken in Delaware include:

Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese)
Western African

The need for interpreters and translators becomes more and more essential for fields throughout Delaware such as legal, medical, business, education, and so on. CIT is here to assist with all of your linguistic needs. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and to guarantee a satisfactory experience from start to finish.

Interpreting: Legal, Medical And Everything In Between

Legal & Medical – The need for interpreting services comes from all fields, settings, and industries. More complex and demanding fields such as legal and medical, however, usually require a certified interpreter. The certified interpreter whether the court or medical has special training and education to handle such assignments.

They have extensive knowledge of terminology in either the legal or medical field and have to experience in interpreting in either setting or situation. Our certified interpreters are reserved for assignments such as depositions, trials and hearings as well as medical appointments, independent medical examinations, and doctor reviews.

Everything in Between – Not all assignments require a certified interpreter. Still, all interpreters reserved for assignments are highly experienced with years under their belts. They bring forth just as much accuracy and professionalism to the assignment.

Written Translation Services

For all written documents, papers, or certificates, CIT handles all your translation needs. You can expect nothing but accuracy and a true translation from our network of skilled translators. They take a document in its original source language and have the skill to translate it into the target language.

Not every word or phrase translates directly into English which may pose a challenge, but our translators guarantee an accurate and true translation at all costs.

Accuracy is just one factor in a good translation. Confidentiality and retaining the integrity of the document has always been at the top of our list, so you never need to worry about privacy breaches.


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
Open 24/7
24 hour


Single Documents Accepted
No Minimum Project Size
No Extra Fee For Certified
Open 24/7
24 hour
READY 24/7

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