Our Sacramento California translation services include legal, court and document translation for government agencies.We offer a full suite of translation and interpreting services at guaranteed, competitive prices to organizations in Sacramento and surrounding areas.Cal Interpreting & Translations has certified translators and interpreters in Sacramento California with top-level security clearances that have worked with the majority of United States government agencies for their legal, document, court and on-site translations.These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and United States Department of Defense.Our certified translators ensure accurate translations for the government, legal, medical, entertainment, technology and education industries in over 200 international languages in the Sacramento area.

Cal Interpreting & Translations

Our Sacramento translation and  certified interpreting services  include legal, court, over the  phone and document  translation.

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Interpreting Services Sacramento

Our Sacramento Interpreting services include Certified, Onsite, Phone and Conference interpreting. Our interpreters are registered and certified for legal and government contract work.

Multilingual Transcription Sacramento

Government agencies trust our multilingual transcription services in the Sacramento area. Multilingual transcription turns spoken words into written format. Some of the multilingual transcription services we offer are:

  • Audio recordings
  • Back Translation/Verification
  • Brand Name Evaluation
  • Cultural Consultancy
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Subtitling
  • Video Conference Interpreting
  • Voice-overs

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