Interpreting Services Explained

Onsite Interpreting Availb le Where and When You Need Us!Onsite Interpreting

The interpreters at Cal Interpreting & Translations speak over 100 languages and are highly accomplished in onsite interpreting. Our depth of local talented certified, qualified and experienced interpreters eliminates expensive travel, hotel and other logistic arrangements, thereby enabling us to offer you competitive rates. Cal Interpreting & Translations consists of credentialed professionals who are experienced in all areas of interpreting such as legal, medical, educational, government, and entertainment industries.

Phone Interpreting

Cal Interpreting & Translations provides phone-interpreting allowing you to accomplish your tasks without having to schedule an in-person meeting. We accommodate legal and medical practitioners, insurance companies, government agencies, and all other business professions that require phone interpreting services. Additionally, Cal Interpreting & Translations gladly caters to special requests in reserving interpreters with specialized qualifications and credentials. Upon request, we also offer video conference interpreting with state of the art equipment.