Professional Document Translation Services vs Google Translate

Google Translate Epic Fail For business: Use CIT instead

Professional Translation Services vs Google Translate

Some people might think that Google Translate is the best way to translate a document from English to Spanish, Mandarin, Russian or any of the other 400 languages around globe. However CIT’s native speaking translators understand nuance and detail which means they are able to provide accurate translations without unintended meaning as often found with google translation.

Humans Understand Tone

Google Translate is a powerful tool, but it can introduce unintended meaning into a translation. It can be difficult to translate terms and phrases used in an employee handbook or other formal context. Having your company documents translated by professional translators ensures no such mistake occurs in the translation process.

Google Translate Has Gone Meta for Failing

You wouldn’t think Google would produce a product that is so well known for not being accurate that a cottage industry has spawned around it. Memes to skits abound.  Jimmy Fallon developed a bit showcasing Google Translate’s failure. 

Employee handbook translation services provided by CIT include:

Handbooks (General Information, Policies/Procedures, Employee Benefits). Safety Programs & Training Manuals


Google Translate is a powerful tool, but it can’t accurately translate nuances like tone and colloquial expressions. At CIT we have professional translators who specialize in translating these difficult parts of language that are often lost or misconstrued with machine translations. You don’t need to take our word for it though — you could just ask one of the many happy customers about their experience using us! We offer free quotes so you know exactly what you’re getting before making your decision. If you want quality translation services at an affordable price, request a quote today!

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