Farsi Dari Translations – Los Angeles

Cal Interpreting & Translations has five in-house professional linguists from Iran consisting of two attorneys and three professional and licensed Farsi and Dari linguists. Our principles have been personally conducting these and other international interpreting and translation services for over 10 years.

Farsi Dari Interpreting

Our in-house Farsi and Dari interpreters adhere to the strictest code of ethics and professionalism. We have all of the necessary clearances to facilitate any assignments, including state and federal licenses and clearances including, top secret clearances with the U.S. Government.

We offer a full suite of farsi dari interpreting services including onsite, phone, proofreading, sign language and multilingual transcriptions.

Certified Farsi Dari Translations – Legal Industry

Clients we serve include the California Supreme Court, Department of Homeland Security, District Court of Columbia, Department of Justice, Unites Stated Attorney’s offices and many other U.S. agencies that trust us to provide high quality translations for these and all international languages seen here.

Farsi Dari Translations – California

Whether you are an individual, small business or government agency, you can trust the experience of our mother tongue Farsi and Dari language experts to provide the most accurate interpretations available in California. We are experienced travelers and provide Farsi, Dari and most international language services in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and of course in our corporate headquarters of Los Angeles.

We Provide The Full Spectrum Of Farsi and Dari Translation Services

Cal Interpreting & Translations understands the importance of proper communication channels for your business and is why we offer professional Farsi and Dari translation service for all mediums. If there is a way to communicate it, we can translate it.

Our translation services include but are not limited to: Onsite and Phone Interpreting, Sign-Language Interpretation, Proofreading, Rush Translation Services and Multilingual Transcription. We also offer:

  • Audio Recordings
  • Back Translation/Verification
  • Brand Name Evaluation
  • Cultural Consultancy
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Subtitling
  • Video Conference Interpreting
  • Voice-overs

Cal Interpreting & Translations’ experienced Farsi and Dari linguists allows us to provide fast, reliable and secure translation for American, Iranian and Afghani individuals, small business or government agencies.

Located in the heart Los Angeles, Cal Interpreting & Translations specializes in translating and interpreting Farsi and Dari which are completely handled in-house from native mother-tongue Iranian linguists.

We also utilize the services of Certified and Registered licensed professional Farsi and Dari translators nationwide if the need arises.

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If you are searching for the perfect Farsi or Dari translation service in Los Angeles, call us today at (888) 737-9009. We speak your language! You are also welcome to fill out our online request form here.

Cal Interpreting & Translations looks forward to facilitating all your Farsi, Dari and international language translation service needs.