Translating Junior Sopranos’ Song Lyrics Core ‘ngrato To English

Core 'ngrato Translated

Sopranos Ended in 2007 But It's Back in 2021

The Sopranos is a modern mafia story set in North Jersey that ran on HBO cable for a total of 86 episodes over six seasons from January 1999 through June 2007. It’s experiencing a renaissance of new and old viewers thanks to the recent release of The Many Saint’s of Newark in September of 2021. Exposure doubled due to simultaneous release in both theaters and on HBO Max. 

The show doesn’t insult the audience. Its nuance sometimes requires viewers to chase it down the rabbit hole to interpret slang expressions. Then there are scenes such as the one where Junior Soprano passionately sings in Italian. The characters around him are visibly affected by his bel canto. It’s poignant considering he’s ordered seven killings throughout the series and prior.

If you’re an audience member requiring a reliable source, you will enjoy what you learn here. We hope you’ll please remember us later if you need anything translated to English.

The Sopranos Season 3 Episode 13

If you’ve seen the Sopranos season three finale, you may have been curious to know what the somber romantic Italian ballad Corrado (Junior) Soprano (played by Dominic Chianese) performed is all about.

The scene occurred at a wake in an Italian restaurant after the death of a young family member. Was the song about death? Why did the song leave some at the restaurant in tears? What was so meaningful about it? The answer is in the translation.

Translating The Title Core ‘ngrato

Core = Heart  ‘ngrato = Ungrateful

There have been many misspellings.

Core’ngrato, Core’ ngrato, Core ‘Ngrato, Cor ‘Ngrata, Core’n Grato, Core ‘n Grato, Core’n Ungrato, Core’N Grato, Core Ingrata, and Core Coure Ingrata. 

A Classic Neapolitan Song of Unrequited Love

Core ‘Ngrato is considered a great work dating back to 1911. This classic Neapolitan ballad was ironically not produced in Italy — It was composed in Brooklyn. The romanza’s lyrics were written by Alessandro Sisca. Due to his politics, this work and others were published under his nome d’arte Riccardo Cordiferro. Cordiferro translates to heart of iron or Richard Iron Heart.  The composition is by Salvatore Cardillo and was originally sung by the then famous Enrico Caruso. Many great performers including Placido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli have honored it.

Alessandro Sisca


Core 'ngrata is not autobiographical. Allesandro was not God fearing.

Salvatore Cardillo


Some assert Core 'ngrata was commissioned for Enrico Caruso.

Enrico Caruso


Enrico's popularity made Core 'ngrata and early vinyl hit to a world audience.
Core 'ngrato Translated

Did These Wiseguys Even Understand?

As a viewer with an understanding of the words and meaning, the performance has an emotional impact. Watch the scene again above and consider that while you now understand the meaning of the lyrics, the characters crying in the scene don’t speak Italian. They’re just touched because it’s an emotional song on an emotional day.

Core 'ngrato

Catarì, Catarì,
pecchè me dici
sti parole amare;
pecchè me parle
e 'o core me turmiente, Catarì?
Nun te scurdà
ca t'aggio date 'o core,
Catarì, nun te scurdà!
Catarì, Catarì, che vene
a dicere stu parlà
ca me dà spaseme?
Tu nun'nce pienze a stu dulore mio,
tu nun'nce pienze,
tu nun te ne cure.
Core, core 'ngrato,
t'aie pigliato 'a vita mia,
tutt'è passato e
nun'nce pienze cchiù!
Catarì, Catarì
tu nun o saie ca 'nfino int' 'a na chiesa
io so' trasuto e aggio priato a Dio,
e ll'aggio ditto pure a 'o cunfessore
I' sto' a suffrì pe chella lla'!
Sto a suffrì, sto a suffrì
nun se po credere
sto' a suffrì tutte li strazie
e 'o cunfessore ch'e' persona santa
m'ha ditto: figlio mio, lassala sta', lassala sta'!


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Original Neapolitan Lyrics

Perhaps this is more accurate as an interpretation.

Core 'ngrato

Catarì, Catarì,
Pecchè me dici sti parole amare?
Pecchè me parle e 'o core me turmiente,

Nun te scurdà ca t'aggio date 'o core,

Nun te scurdà!...
Catarì, Catarì... che vene a dicere
Stu parlà ca me dà spaseme?...

Tu nun'nce pienze a stu dulore mio,
tu nun'nce pienze, tu nun te ne cure...

Core, core 'ngrato,
T'aie pigliato 'a vita mia...
Tutt'è passato e nun'nce pienze cchiù!...

Catarì, Catarì...
Tu nun 'o ssaie ca 'nfin 'int'a na chiesa

Io so' trasuto e aggio priato a Dio...
E l'aggio ditto pure a 'o cunfessore:
Io sto a suffrì...
Sto a suffrì, sto a suffrì, nun se po' credere,

Sto' a suffrì tutte li strazie...
E''o cunfessore, ch'e' persona santa,
M'ha ditto: Figlio mio, l'assala sta', l
Lassala sta'!
Core, core 'ngrato,
T'aie pigliato 'a vita mia...
Tutt'è passato e nun'nce pienze cchiù!...

Core 'ngrato Dominic Chianese

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