Biden’s Afghan Interpreter Sentenced To Die?

President Biden Afghanistan Storm Helicopter Photo Op

we Will Honor Your Service

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here.” is the message sent by President Biden’s one time Afghan Interpreter. The message was sent via the Wall Street Journal, inside one day of the U.S. leaving Afghanistan on Biden’s orders.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki answered a reporter’s question of what the Biden administration will do with what some consider a terse response, “We will honor your service,” — which rings of a past tense epitaph.

Biden's Afghan Interpreter

The backstory of Biden’s interpreter dates back to 2008. A then 36 year old Mohammad (Not his real name) assisted in saving Biden from possible death while on an interpreting assignment. A snowstorm caused two Black Hawk helicopters to land in what was considered Taliban and Al-Qaida territory.

Mohamad did more than interpret for Biden during their more than 30 hour ordeal. He stood guard along side U.S. troops to protect Biden and two former U.S. Senators. Biden has acknowledging Mohamad when recounting the experience.

Evacuation Marred With Failure

The U.S. departure from Afghanistan has been marred with what can only be described as failure due to a litany of mistakes in planning to errors in execution.

Biden’s former interpreter has been subject to those same errors. His botched visa application has resulted in leaving him what may now be termed, ‘stranded.’ Mohamad works for U.S. defense contractor lost his records, delaying his visa application.

Stranded At the Gate

As a result of his visa application error, Mohamad ended up at the now famously televised Kabul airport gate along with thousands of others where he hoped someone in the U.S. armed forces would assist him in escaping Afghanistan’s Taliban.

A death Sentence

According to the Wall Street Journal article dated Tuesday, August 31st 2021, Mohmad now fears for not only his life but his entire family. “I can’t leave my house. I’m very scared.”

These are the words of grown man that many will forget outside a 24-hour new cycle. While the White House did comment they will get him out, the answer didn’t appear to impress the press with any confidence as there were no follow-up questions as to ‘how’ the Biden administration would save his former interpreter and family.

In every live interview of Afghan’s who could not reach the Kabul airport before the U.S.’s final withdrawal, all who defined themselves as stranded and blocked from the airport by the Taliban indicated they felt they would soon die by the Taliban’s hands.

In Closing — Jen Psaki Thanks You

If Mohammad and his family are fated to die, then Jen Psaki’s last words may be the last word on Biden’s ill-fated interpreter.

“Our commitment is enduring — not just to American citizens, but to our Afghan partners who have fought by our side — and our efforts and our focus right now is… to the diplomatic phase. We will get you out. We will honor your service.”

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