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دری Dari to English Translation

Dari is a primary language for many Afghani and some Iranians. CIT can translate any document written in Dari and translate it to English.

Do you need more than a Dari translator? We can also provide interpreting for many dialects.

Dari Language Dialects

The Dari language is made up of several dialects to translate, they are:

  • Kaboli
  • Mazan
  • Herab
  • Badakhshi
  • Panjshiri
  • Iaghmani
  • Sistani
  • Aimagi

Seeing as so many dialects of Dari exist, you need to work with CIT to find a translator or interpreter to do the job right. Many untrained linguists simply work in the dialect they know, causing mistakes and putting the entire line of communication in jeopardy. With CIT, we only bring you the best.

Dari Name Variations

Dari (دری)is also known as Eastern Persian, Eastern Farsi, Dari Persian, and Afghan Persian.

Afghanistan Country
Infographic Details of the Persian Language Dari

The Dari Language

Being one of the two Persian languages spoken in Afghanistan, even though it is still often referred to as Farsi, Dari was endorsed by the Afghan government as the official language in 1964. Over Farsi, it was known to be respectful to speak Dari in public situations. As many of the Afghanistan people migrated West and settled themselves in the United States, Dari has become one of the core languages, making it extremely hard to distinguish a native speaker from a trained, professional translator or interpreter.

In total, as of 2017 there are approximately 27 million native speakers, making up 77% of the Afghan nation. Across the United States alone, Persian Dari speakers have established themselves in the largest cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, and New York City. Many native speakers have become fluent in both their core language as well as English. Due to this, CIT has secured its services, worldwide in addition to nationwide, to initiate language connections. CIT is aware of the necessity to maintain cultural awareness and ensure individuals that it is present in any setting of our interpreting services.

The most widespread form of speech among Afghans is called "Parsiwan" which originated as a compromise language developing during sometime around 1500 AD after Islamic Jurists compiled various texts written by Indian Scholars into one compact volume known today under this pseudonym because its original name was deemed too sacred

CITs influence in the Afghani Community

CIT has been at the forefront of assisting the Afghani community with bridging their communication barriers and providing but not limited to interpreter, translation, and escort services. CIT understands the necessity of the accuracy of your interpretation that we provide only qualified professionals who are experienced in any industry. We are here to make sure you are comfortable and are able to communicate with ease.

  • Medical – Doctor’s appointments, Exams, Tests, Specialty appointments, Surgeries, and Follow-ups.
  • Legal – Lawyer/client meetings, Depositions, Witness interviews, Mediations, Divorce litigations, Hearings, and Trials.
  • Government – Immigration and asylum interviews, Trials and ceremonies, and Delegation escorts.
  • Public – Meetings, Interviews, Fairs, Community Events, and Religious functions.
  • Education – Parent/Teacher Conferences, IEP meetings, Presentations, Performances.
  • Business – Board meetings, Seminars, Oversea appointments, Interviews, Employee workshops and training, Human resource meetings.
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CITs team of qualified professional interpreters are provided to assist you in any form you need. We are there to communicate for you consistently 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We strive daily to the best Dari translators worldwide.

Why choose CIT for your lingual needs?

Our team of qualified professionals is not only experienced in translating Dari in any type of setting and environment, our interpreters are dedicated to your satisfaction and committed to to the success of your well-being. We understand the frustration of not being able to successfully communicate your needs, so we provide peace of mind. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will beat any competitor’s rates!  You don't need to wait, call CIT now at: 888.737.9009.

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CIT's interpreter is such a rockstar, and it’s so great to have him as a lead interpreter for our Board meetings. About Our Interpreters A quotation icon.

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Thank you for always being able to handle emergency interpreting assignments with ease. About Urgent Requests A quotation icon.

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