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Conference Interpreting

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Conference Interpreting

In the world of modern business, conference interpreting is an invaluable resource. These services allow a speaker to communicate information to those who may not understand their native language. Still, you may need help finding professional interpreters when you need them.

Cal Interpreting & Translation (CIT) is here to help. We provide world-class conference interpreting services for small and large companies. Our translators speak hundreds of languages and have years of experience relaying accurate communication.

See how investing in a CIT conference interpreter can break down the language barrier between you and your clients.

How Does It Work?

Global communication resources enable you to network with a professional easily, even if they speak another language. In a conference setting, people who speak several languages should be able to interact simultaneously. Having a skilled interpreter by your side eliminates the confusion.

Suppose you are at a conference with an individual who speaks German. A conference interpreter who understands English/German can listen to a statement in one language and then translate the message into the other language. Professionals call this method “consecutive interpreting.”

Now let’s change up the equation. Suppose you are in a conference room with guests who speak multiple languages. You may have two interpreters: one who speaks Japanese/English and another who speaks English/Spanish. 

The Japanese/English interpreter can translate the speech into English, while the English/Spanish interpreter can relay the information to the native Spanish speaker. In these types of situations, interpreters can convey meaning to guests with relative ease. However, the process may require technical support when more languages are present.

Our CIT conference interpreters have the skills and qualifications to succeed. By interpreting spoken language through audio and visual technology, they help build lasting relationships between professionals during meetings.

Conference Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpretation occurs when professional interpreters translate a message in real time. In most cases, simultaneous interpretation requires a headset and a brief (usually one-second) delay. This type of communication is effective if you plan to attend a meeting of three or more people.

Often, translation teams use this method in conference settings. However, simultaneous conference interpreting may also be practical for social meetings, seminars, or any other large event.

Simultaneous interpreting also requires a thorough understanding of technology and language. Cal Interpreting & Translation provides certified professionals with these skills. Our team follows a strict code of conduct to accurately represent you and your credentials.

If you have questions about how interpreters work to translate conferences, call us at 888-737-9009. We are happy to explain these services in more detail.

What Type of Equipment Do Conference Interpreters Use?

The simultaneous interpreting method encourages translation teams to use a wide range of tools during an event. At CIT, we provide our interpreters with high-quality interpreting equipment such as:

  • Whisper Technology: These interpretation devices include a small microphone and transmitter that connects to the headphones of guests. Translators generally sit away from the audience and translate the meeting into the microphone.
  • Portable Booths: Interpreters work behind table-top barriers that block sound pollution during business meetings. Soundproof material allows the interpreter to send messages clearly, no matter the size of the event.
  • Isolation Rooms: These sound booths provide quality noise reduction during conferences. Generally, the interpreter will be present in a different room than the audience while translating the speaker’s language.
  • Video Remote Conference Technology: CIT provides video remote services in which conference interpreters work behind a camera. These remote solutions allow the translator to connect through a smartphone, tablet, or webcam. However, conference interpreters must maintain a strong internet connection throughout the meeting.
  • Over-the-Phone Technology: While this service is usually practical for one-on-one meetings, it may also be appropriate for a large conference or event. CIT offers these fast and affordable phone services when you need to schedule a simultaneous interpretation.

Do I Need IT Support for Conference Interpreting Technology?

Many meetings that utilize conference interpreting technology do not require IT support. However, it may be worth investing in an on-site technician if the interpretation team operates multiple channels simultaneously.

Fortunately, CIT provides technicians to ensure your next meeting does not experience unnecessary interruptions. Many of our interpreters have the technical skills to maintain these systems independently. Chances are, if you notice an issue with your simultaneous interpreting technology, your translator will already be working on the solution.

Conference Interpretation for a Large Event

At CIT, we understand the value of having a quality interpretation during a large event. Our conference interpreters have experience with the following:

  • Executive board meetings
  • Academic and professional panels
  • Focus groups
  • Human Resources training
  • Government council meetings
  • Legal conferences
  • Medical conferences
  • Faith-based interpreting
  • Web-based conference interpreting
  • And more

Partner with a conference interpretation team you can trust. We recruit CIT professionals with a thorough knowledge of formal and colloquial language. You can be confident that your conference interpreters will provide the correct information during your meeting.

Do You Need Conference Interpreters?

If you plan on hosting a large meeting that includes an audience of different nationalities, it would be wise to invest in a conference interpretation solution. CIT can recommend numerous options from which you can choose. We may ask you questions like:

  • Which language do you prefer to hear when receiving a spoken message?
  • How many people do you expect to attend your meeting?
  • Will the speaker be present, or will they communicate over video?
  • Do you need additional translation support, such as a sign language interpreter?
  • Would you like your conference interpreters to be present and visible during the meeting?
  • Does your venue have any constraints that may limit the use of language technology?
  • Do you need to schedule an interpreter for one session a day or multiple?
  • Do you already own conference interpreting technology, or would you like to rent equipment from CIT?

Answering these questions will help our team identify the right conference interpretation solution for your business meetings.

We Simplify Conference Interpretation

Finding a reliable conference interpretation service doesn’t need to be a hassle. Don’t spend hours researching interpreters who may not have the skills to deliver a quality translation. CIT carefully vets our interpreting team, so you get the best results.

Language interpreters are in high demand. CIT makes it easy to locate and book these professionals without stress. Don’t worry if you need a conference interpretation while traveling abroad. 

Cal Interpreting & Translation operates worldwide, so we can schedule your interpreter anywhere you go.

Interpreting Our Success

CIT works with over 12,000 interpreters who speak more than 250 languages. Since the beginning of our operations, these professionals have completed over 1,350,000 translations for over 12,000 clients. We also enjoy numerous five-star reviews and testimonials that praise our conference interpreting and responsiveness.

Investing in our interpreting company will help your global network expand significantly. We provide interpreters with extensive knowledge in industries such as business, healthcare, academia, government, and more. 

Above all, we value our clients and practice outstanding customer service during every interaction. Do you have questions about our operations? Continue exploring our website to learn more about conference interpretation.

Explore our other services. Contact Cal Interpreting & Translations at 2501 W. Burbank Blvd. Ste. 311, Burbank, CA, 91505. Connect with interpreters at 888-737-9009.

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