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Cal Interpreting & Translations Website Localization Services

Businesses with a multilingual customer base require websites accessible to all clients. Professional website translation services ensure customers can communicate and understand your business in their language. Cal Interpreting & Translations website translation and localization services help you reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Website Localization VS Website Translation

Website localization and website translation services both help you reach customers in their language. Localization goes further than translation services by also providing experiences that are custom to their culture. A translation service only translates written text, while a localization service also adapts that text together with pictures, designs, and anything else that makes your site more accessible to a specific market.

Why You Need Website Translation Services

There are many ways that website translation services help businesses increase their audience. Here are some core benefits:

Improve User Experience

Website translation services improve the experience of your website for people that speak other languages. By adapting website content, design, and functionality to meet the needs and preferences of specific audiences in different languages, businesses can build trust and loyalty among their target customers.

Increase Website Reach

Website translation and web localization services can help businesses reach new markets and expand their customer base. Companies can tap into new markets and attract customers who couldn't access their websites due to language barriers by making websites available in multiple languages,

Reduce Confusion

Automated translations often misinterpret key terms and lead to misunderstandings with customers. Website localization services can reduce confusion among international customers unfamiliar with certain terms or cultural nuances. By providing content tailored to specific markets, businesses can ensure that their message is clear and easy to understand.

Increase Overall Sales

Website localization and professional translation services generate increased sales and revenue for global companies by providing a better user experience, improving accessibility, and reaching more customers. By tapping into new markets and establishing a stronger online presence, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and increase their bottom line. Websites in multiple languages will reach new demographics that can expand and diversify your customer base.

Better SEO

Website localization services can also help companies improve their search engine optimization by providing content relevant to specific markets and using appropriate keywords and phrases. Machine-translated websites do not focus on the keywords people will search for and won't help gain localized search traffic. Professional human translation services create content built for how your customers use your website.

Competitive Advantage

Website translation services can help businesses gain a competitive advantage by establishing a stronger presence in global markets. By demonstrating that they are willing to invest in the needs of their customers, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and establish themselves as leaders in their industries.

Diversify Your Customer Base

Many areas have lots of foreign speakers. Places like California, Texas, New York, and Florida have a large population that speak languages other than English. You will reach new demographics that you weren't able to before by providing a customized customer experience to your users. 

Human Translators VS Machine Translation

Translation services have two main options: human translators and machine translation. While automated translations are faster and more cost-effective than human translation, they also lead to errors and inaccuracies in the technical accuracy of the translated website content. Cal Interpreting & Translations uses a team of experienced human translators to ensure that translations are accurate, culturally appropriate, and reflect the needs and preferences of specific markets. All our translators are native speakers with subject matter expertise to get the most accurate website translation possible.

Localization VS Microsites

Every global and multilingual business must decide between website translation and microsite services. Website translation services translate your existing website into a new language and serve the website to their user in their chosen language. Your website will automatically determine their language and what content is appropriate for them. This allows every user to have the same user experience regardless of language. Properly built localized websites manage content based on the languages you choose.

Microsites will create smaller sites tailored to a specific audience. Doing this causes you to manage multiple websites with different user experiences. Updates must be done across all websites. Microsites are easier when you only want to target smaller portions of your business in a given language. Localization is better when you want users to have identical experiences regardless of language.

Choosing The Right Website Translation Service

Website translations are usually large complex jobs that require multiple translators and industry expertise. You need to consider the translator's experience, the price per word at scale, the quality of the translations, and how long the project will take. You need a translation company with experience and excellent customer support. The website translation process is usually ongoing, so you will need a company you enjoy.

Dedicated Project Managers

A localized website is a large project that will often require dedicated project managers that are subject matter experts. CIT will ensure your translated content is of the quality you need, that your site is translated quickly, and that you have what you need at every step. Our professional language services are the best in the industry, and we go out of our way to ensure we have satisfied clients.

Dual Native Translators For Every Website Translation

Cal Interpreting & Translations takes pride in the quality of its translations. Website translations can be large, complex projects that require attention to detail and subject matter expertise. We provide the highest possible quality translation service by providing a native speaker for both the language you are translating to and the language you are translating from. Our translators will work together to ensure your website translation is as accurate as possible.

All Types Of Translation Services

CIT provides translation solutions for a variety of industries. Whether it is website content, business translations, financial translations, medical or legal translations, we translate it. By handling a variety of industries and services, we can provide high-quality translations for even the most complex industries with a fast turnaround time.

CIT - Your Website Translation Company

Cal Interpreting & Translations offers the highest quality and comprehensive website localization services to help businesses reach a wider global audience and succeed in today's competitive marketplace. With the support of a team of experienced human translators and a focus on providing a tailored web experience for users in different markets, Cal Interpreting & Translations can help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. If you need to start a website translation project, contact us for a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Website Translation Project

How much does website localization cost? The cost of website translation and localization services can vary depending on the scope and the technical complexity of the translation project. Cal Interpreting & Translations can provide a detailed estimate and explain the costs.

Do I need to localize my website? You need to localize your website if you do business in multiple countries or your customer base speaks different languages. By providing a better user experience, improving accessibility, and catering to the needs and preferences of specific markets, website localization can help you attract new customers and increase your overall market reach and visibility.

What languages can be localized? CIT offers translation services for more than 250 languages. If you need your website translated into a language, odds are we have a translator that can handle that language. We specialize in rare and indigenous languages, so reach out if you have a question about a specific language.

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