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Afrikaans Translation Services

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Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans Translation Services Do you have experience with Afrikaans languages? Are you looking to hire Afrikaans translators? Do movies in Zimbabwe have Afrikaans subtitles? In whatever case, if you are looking for Afrikaans interpreting services, Afrikaans translation services, or Afrikaans transcription, we are here to help.

Introduction to Afrikaans translations Services

Afrikaans or Cape Dutch is a West Germanic language that shares many characteristics with Dutch. This language is spoken in South Africa, Namibia, and in varying degrees in Botswana and Zimbabwe. With more than 7 million natives in South Africa and a population of 13.5%, it's the second biggest spoken language in the country. Afrikaans translation services provide high-quality translations of Afrikaans to English into Africa. Our company is a proudly South African language company dedicated to providing the best translations services in Afrikaans for companies and individual users alike.

Afrikaans Translation Services to Expand Your Brand

South Africa is a strong powerhouse in the multifaceted and exciting continent of Africa. It has economies and infrastructure comparable in size to all countries in the world. Countries like Namibia have highly capitalized industries and high commodities exports like diamonds, cattle, fish, etc, making it a popular hub for conducting business.

But doing business in a region where the natives do not speak your language can be challenging. And a simple translation from English to Afrikaan isn't enough for a potential sub-Sahelian partnership. Every big step requires executing a good strategy. To target the native Afrikaans speakers and ensure the success of your project, it is important to focus on Afrikaans dialects to offer better services and solutions to Afrikaans.

So if you want to expand your brand in this localization, you would need Afrikaans linguists, Afrikaans interpreters, and professional translators to give you certified translation services. In this article, find out what's the best way to grow your business in Africa. Keep reading if you want Afrikaans translation, interpreting, and localization specialists for your business message.

Translation Services

Our goal is to serve as your partner for your language needs by offering quality translation services with precise accuracy. We combine qualified linguists with certified processes to provide the most accurate translation experience possible to our customers.

Our professional and reliable translators have verified turnaround times at affordable prices. We have ten years of experience in the translation services industry.

We have an exalted history of translations of Afrikaans to English and English to Afrikaans. Over the years, our relationships with our customers have only strengthened and shaped our culture.

Afrikaans Translations For Art And Entertainment

If you want your video games to be translated from Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans, you can send us subtitles or voices in an Afrikaans version to a movie. Or if you require a translator from Afrikaans to English for a book, we can help with that as well. We provide the best quality translation services, localization services, and interpreter solutions for all industries.

We love to help develop and improve global communication by assigning your work the most suitable translator or voiceover actors, speaking native Afrikaan who also share a similar appreciation for literature and artwork. Reach out to us to get a free quote today!

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The History Of Afrikaans

In 1700, the Dutch East Indian Company created small villages where they rested and brought their vessels along the trade route connecting Amsterdam with Asia. Most merchants at Dutch East India Company came from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The most significant settlement they built in South Africa had been developed on the coast of South Africa. South Africa was an ideal stopping point for traders as it was about halfway through their journey. The merchants brought the Dutch to South Africa and the colony flourished during the 1700s.

As the business progressed, the Afrikaans language became more and more important and thus, became an integral part of history.

Afrikaans Language Statistics And Facts

Afrikaans is a South African official language spoken as a minority language. About 25 million Afrikaans natives speak Afrikaans, and the majority live in Southern Africa. Some Afrikaans-speakers in small numbers have lived in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, the UK, and Japan.

Afrikaans is one of the 11 national languages of South Africa. The country's cultural diversity has been significant since the first English and Dutch languages were introduced in 1792. Be it in rural areas or places like cape town, knowing Afrikaans dialect and vocabulary can help you a lot.

Afrikaans Language Statistics And Facts

If you see a lucrative business in Afrikaans is based in Namibia, Northern Cape, or Zimbabwe, then you would probably want to do business there. However, if you consider an Afrikaans-speaking supplier or distributor in any respect, you must take care of procedures that are clearly understood for the agreement to take place and for any order. Upon request, our Afrikaans-speaking translators will provide an expert interpreter for your business meeting, and ensure you have a successful vacation without any worry.

Don't worry about your translated document, our project managers will take good care of it. So no need to wait up, you can start right away!

Afrikaans Translation and Localization Services

Bridging the gap between two languages can be tough. When trying to reach a specific audience, your company needs a localization expert. This requires considering cultural differences in the production process, formatting standards, and legal requirements to adapt a product to a new location.

In our translation company, we connect you with local linguists for your Afrikaans translation and interpretation services. Impress your clients with perfect translations and conduct your business without any hassle using our platform for all your Afrikaans translation needs.

Certified Afrikaans Translation Services for Every Industry

Whatever your Afrikaans translation service needs, whether it is a translation of a literary text or voiceovers, certified translations, or over-the-phone interpreters, we're here 24/7 to answer your questions. Whether you are working in a law firm or government agency, we always have your back.

We provide translation and interpreter support in every sector for all kinds of problems. Reach out to us for all your translation requirements.

Afrikaans Interpreting Services

Afrikaans Language Services is a leading provider of full-service interpretation and event language solutions for conference organizations. In addition to our linguistic services, the company provides our customers with specialized Simultan Interpretations Equipment for conferences on a Rental basis in South Africa.

Certified samples in different languages

Regardless of whichever country you are from, if you need Afrikaans translations, we can help you to receive a certified translation service affidavit for the entire document you require. Check out some of our certified samples to get an idea of what we do and how we do it.

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What services do interpreters provide?

Translation Services are provided by professional interpreters who can speak or sign the message from the native language to the listening language of the listener. Interpreters are linguists with expert knowledge of that language.

How much do translators charge per page?

Most translators advertise 25-30 per page and their definitions are less than 150 words. A typical birth certificate could range from $50 to $60. Those that use a hard copy may have to pay a fee for it.

How much do translation services cost?

The translation industry often prices services based on the price for words multiplied by the word count. The cost for certified translations can vary based on the type of service and the availability of linguists in that language. Professional translation service costs in a general range between US0.08 and US0.028 per word.

Is Google Translate accurate for Afrikaans?

Google translate is a popular medium for translation services. Although it does provide a decent translation service, it is not always accurate. It has been found that translation between Germans and English, Afrikaans Portuguese and Spanish, Danish, Greeks, Polish, Hungarians, and Finlands tends to be the most exact. Moreover, the contents are regulated by copyright.

But if you want language services that are professional in tone and manner, google translate should not be your go-to option.

Document Translation Services In Over 250 Languages

When it comes to our clients' document translation demands, we value linguistic accuracy and technical precision. We are delighted to work with the world's best businesses and offer them fast and high-quality document translations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to CIT's multilingual document processing service.

How do I become a transcriptionist in South Africa?

To impress clients, transcriptionists should hold a certificate or degree in their chosen fields of transcription. A court reporter must also get licensure while medical transcriptionists are not eligible to receive certification.

The cost of transcription services can vary based on multiple factors. If you are looking for an Afrikaans voice-over, the typical fee is around 75 cents to 10.5 cents per audio minute. Some transcription companies charge between $15 and $30 per hour.

We offer our clients very competitive margins for accurate transcription, reach out to us to get a free quote in minutes!

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Afrikaans Transcription Services

Better translations experience

We offer Ukrainian translation services in over 250 languages, so we’re sure to have the right certified translation for your needs. Our qualified linguists can assist with document translation, birth certificate translation, legal documents, and more from and to English and to other languages. If you need Ukrainian Interpretation services you can trust, look no further than Cal Interpreting.

In addition to the languages we have already mentioned, our translation agency is also specialized in giving accurate line-by-line translation and interpretations for many different language pairs as well. Some of our highest requested language combinations to our translation agency are:

Hire A Translator or Interpreter Today!

If you are looking for Afrikaans translation services, then our translation company is the best choice for you. No matter the kind of documents, project, or clients, you won't have to worry about the translations or dialect with us. We will provide you with quality translations and voice-over at competitive prices with confirmed turnaround times using applied technologies. Be it business documents, financial documents, legal documents, or medical documents, we are your one-stop solution for Afrikaans translations.

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No matter what the source or target language is, our services can help! Contact our support team today for a free quote and to get started with our professional Afrikaans translation services!

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