Thai Language Interpreters and Translators

Professional Thai interpreting and translating services can be difficult to secure in parts of California, due to the limited number of court-certified Thai interpreters in the state. Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) has years-long positive relationships with these interpreters and can provide the highest qualified Thai interpreters in the state.

Cal Interpreting & Translations offers Thai interpreters and translators in all dialects of Thai. We offer California court certified Thai interpreters and translators with legal, medical, and specialty experience, including criminal and civil matters, employee meetings, engineering, patent cases, labor disputes, immigration, and more.

CIT’s Thai language services including interpretation, translation, and transcription 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. Our Thai interpreters and Thai translators are native speakers who have been screened, certified, provided credentials, field tested, and kept up to date with developments in both English and Thai languages through means such as lectures, conferences, and travel.  Cal Interpreting & Translation’s Thai interpreters and translators possess in depth knowledge of the Thai language, as well as of Thai culture and history, allowing them to provide informed and complete interpretation and translation.


Thai, Khmer, Laotian…What’s the difference?

Most experts agree that the Thai script is derived from the Khmer script, which itself is modeled after the Brahmic script. Thai and its script are closely related to Laotian language and script (of Laos). In fact, more than half of the Thai grammar, vocabulary, and intonation are common with the Lao language. Most Lao are therefore able to understand spoken Thai.

The Thai writing system was created based on the Khmer writing system. The oldest known Khmer inscription dates back to 611 CE. The first Thai writings appeared around 1292 CE.


Dialects of Thai  

There are multiple dialects of Thai. Cal Interpreting & Translations provides Thai interpreting and translating services in all dialects, including Phunan, Shan, Isan, Northern Thai, Southern Thai, and Phu Thai.