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Sami Language Statistics/Facts:
Sami is a group of languages used mainly by people in northern Europe, including northwestern Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Contrary to the belief that Sami is a single language, it is in fact a group of languages, though closely related. Sami languages are divided into two groups, the Western and the Eastern. These dialects are not mutually intelligible. The number of ethnic Sami is around 100,000.

Sami Dialects:
Dialect, Region
Sami Lule, Spoekn along the Lule river, and in Norway and Sweden
Sami North, Spoken in Sweden
Sami Pite, Spoken along the Pite river
Sami South, Spoken in Lapland, and in Sweden and Norway
Sami Ume, Spoken along the Ume river

Countries where Sami is spoken:

Sami Speaking Country Data:
Country: Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Population: 9,600,000
Constitutional Parliamentary Republic: Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK, kr)
GDP (ppp): $385.1 b
Unemployment: 8.0%
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Industries: Telecommunications equipment, wood pulp and paper products, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel.

Country: Norway
Capital: Oslo
Population: 5,077,000
Constitutional Parliamentary Republic: Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Currency: Norwegian Kroner (NOK, kr)
GDP (ppp): $498.8 b
Unemployment: 3.2%
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Industries: Petroleum and natural gas, wood pulp and paper industries, ship building, food processing, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textile and fishing.

Country: Finland

Capital: Helsinki
Population: 5,454,000
Constitutional Parliamentary Republic: President Sauli Niinisto
Currency: Euro (€)
GDP (ppp): $247.2 b
Unemployment: 8.4%
Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Industries: Metals and metal products, electronics, machinery and scientific instruments, ship building, pulp and paper, foodstuffs, chemicals, textile and clothing.

Country: Russia
Capital: Moscow
Population: 138,082,000
Constitutional Parliamentary Republic: President Vladmir Putin
Currency: Russian Rubble (RUR)
GDP (ppp): $2.380 Trillion
Unemployment: 6.6%
Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Industries: Mining and extractive producing of coal, oil, gas, chemical and metals, all forms of machine manufacturing, defense industries, ship building, rail and road transport equipment, agricultural machinery, electric power generating and transmitting equipment, medical and scientific equipment, consumer durables, textiles, foodstuffs, and handicrafts.

Sami History & Development

Though the genetic origin of the Sami people is complex, they have been linked to have originated from the Finns. Sami history dates back to the Viking age, where the Sami are said to have settled mainly along the rivers in the regions where they are found today. The strong distinctiveness between the two languages is associated with the time that has elapsed since the two diverged. It is said to have occurred around 23,000 BC and then reunited around 8,500 AD. After they diverged, the laws of heredity took place and each adapted and evolved in its own way.

Today, research on the language is constantly being done, and with every day new evidence and theories are being erected, often negating the ones previously put in place. At Cal Interpreting & Translations, we ensure that our interpreters are up to date on current language nuances, and have significant background knowledge of the language and culture.

Interesting Sami Facts

• The Sami religion is strongly related to nature.
• The Sami are the descendants of a onetime nomadic community that inhabited northern Scandinavia.
• Reindeer herding has been the basis of the Sami economy until in recent years.
• Writing came into Sami artistic expressions in the early 20th century.