Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage certificate is also known as marriage license, wedding certificate or wedding license, certificate of matrimony and often require certified translations. At Cal Interpreting & Translations, we translate marriage certificates, licenses and decrees in over 200 languages.

When Do You Need a Translated Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is the legal confirmation of the relationship of two individuals.  Marriage is an institution protected by the law and therefore a marriage certificate, which serves as proof of marital status, often determines whether you are entitled to certain benefits or not. It is a legal document various public services require in order to process all sorts of applications.

Translated marriage certificates are a prerequisite for the permanent resident visa in the USA, the so-called Green Card. Marriage-based green cards are the means for thousands of people who would like a change in their life and seek new experiences in the land of opportunity. Certified translations of legal documents, such as marriage or birth certificates are an essential part of the marriage-based green card process.

Immigration services and other U.S. authorities are particularly detail-oriented and require official and certified translations of such documents. Your application for a permanent resident visa could be easily declined, if your translated marriage or birth certificates weren’t translated accurately or didn’t resemble the original ones. At Cal Interpreting & Translations we provide certified translations, with authorized signature, corporate seal and certification by translator as required by many U.S. services, such as the USCIS and Passport Agencies.

Cal Interpreting & Translations Guarantees Acceptance by Immigration Authorities

We guarantee quality and precise marriage certificate translations, which will speed the marriage-based green card process. Our years of experience and our translators’ expertise assure that

Our certified translations are accepted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other U.S. authorities.

Why Choose Us for Translating Marriage Certificates?

  • We provide certified translations of marriage certificates;
  • We offer quick turnaround time at no additional cost;
  • We guarantee acceptance by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services;
  • We work with experienced professional translators;
  • We translate in over 200 languages and
  • Offer the most competitive rates….guaranteed

Should you need a marriage certificate translation, contact Cal Interpreting & Translations.