Cal Interpreting & Translations provides legal translation services in over 200 International Languages. We partner with our clients to provide personalized legal translation services.

Legal document translation services include adoption, license, patent, military, court and financial document and contract translation.

Legal Translation is the translation of any lawful content, such as documents, contracts, patents or statements, from one language to another. When providing legal translation services, making sure these legal documents transition between languages completely and accurately should be the top priority in any legal translation specialist.

Legal Document Translation

With all corners of the world becoming quickly connected people now need legal documentation to reach new goals. These goals may include adoption, marriage, employment, traveling, etc. Cal Interpreting & Translations understands that legal document translation is sometimes all that stands in the way of those goals. That starts with giving speedy and accurate legal translation services for any document translation process.

Cal Interpreting & Translations offers several variations of legal document translation.

Legal Document Translation Services We Provide:

  • Adoption Documents
  • Military Documents
  • Court Documents
  • License Documents
  • Patent Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Marriage Documents
  • Passport and/or Visa Documents

Contract Translation Services

When working between languages, any binding contract needs to be understood at both ends. Whether it is marriage between continents, an employee coming in from another country or a contract for adoption, it must be understood by both countries in order to be fully received.

Mistranslated contracts annoy, hassle and in some cases create dire legal situations. We take our contract translation services seriously. Watching every verb, thinking through every clause, Cal Interpreting and Translations’ experienced specialists labor round-the-clock to ensure the contract translation is flawless.

Contract Translation Services We Provide:

  • Marriage Contracts
  • Military Contracts
  • Adoption Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Legal Contracts
  • Payment Contracts

Court Translation

Cal Interpreting & Translations produces a team of highly trained professionals and linguists that are judged on past experience, education and credentials. This insures we have the authority and ability to produce legal translation services with one hundred percent accuracy.

We perform legal translations in over 200 International Languages. Customers can rest assured that we will provide the highest rated professionals in any language. We also understand that the need for privacy in any legal matter is of great value and importance. Cal Interpreting & Translations promises the highest respect for any customer’s need for privacy and complete confidentiality in any legal translation process.

At Cal Interpreting and Translations, we partner with our customers to provide personalized contract translation services.  We make the process comfortable. Also, since we understand that any mistake, no matter how slight, could wreak havoc in courts, we tackle our work with a virtual magnifying glass, determined not to miss a single flaw. Our professional record and satisfied customers proves our success.

Our Promise to You

Cal Interpreting and Translations knows four things are key in legal translation services: accuracy, confidentiality, and a fast turnaround time.

Our goal is to deliver total and complete works of all legal document translations and contract translation services. We promise to take the utmost care of every individual and every legal document or contract given to us in order to provide a smooth and easy experience throughout any, and every, customer’s legal translation process.

At Cal Interpreting & Translations we strive for nothing less than perfection and know that perfection starts in the details.

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