Cal Interpreting & Translations provides a wide array of French translation services. We have significant experience translating and transcribing official documentation of all kinds, including court, government, and other legal documents, medical forms, and educational paperwork.

We also have extensive experience translating for virtually every industry that might require French translation including film and television, banking, biotechnology, sports, education, engineering, technology and software, insurance, and marketing. Our friendly, expert translators can translate pretty much anything into French or from French.

French Translation by Cal Interpreting & Translations

If you’re looking for French translation services or a French interpreter in the greater Los Angeles area, Cal Interpreting & Translations offers a comprehensive package of translation, interpreting and proofreading services from and into the beautiful French language. With everything from an urgent e-mail to the most important contract of your life, to a multi-party conference call, to a screenplay, to complex litigation, we can help!

French Document Translation

We routinely provide quality French translations of various kinds of writings such as manuals, brochures and other materials for the travel business, advertising industry, and in the entertainment field. If the French is being spoken, instead of being in written form, Cal Interpreting & Translation provides both on-site and on-the-phone interpreting services. We also offer comprehensive proofreading and editing services and are happy to provide second looks at translated documents from other translators or translation agencies.

French Interpreting Services

We use only certified and accredited French interpreters. Our professional French translators and French interpreters all share our company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction. They must adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct (for details, see the “About Us” tab) and are chosen as much for their worth ethic and flexibility as for their fluency and professional excellence.

Fast and Cost-Effective

We understand deadlines and we will meet our turn-around commitments to you. You can reach someone at Cal Interpreting & Translations of Los Angeles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the urgency of business. We accept rush jobs — and don’t even charge extra for them. We want to work with you to help you meet your needs for French translation services. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. Request a free quote for your project and find out just how cost-effective our French translation services can be.

French Translation Services You Can Trust

Cal Interpreting & Translations of Los Angeles knows you need to be confident we are providing you with accurate work product. Our high client satisfaction rates and repeat customer base tells the story. Our customers range from individuals and sole practitioners to Fortune 1000 companies. Discretion and security are critical to our business; it is designed to treat your documents and information with confidentiality and sensitivity. Your peace of mind is one of our deliverables.

About Romance Languages

French is one of the primary romance languages together with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It is derived from Latin and generally considered to be quite beautiful. We think so. It includes some idioms or sentence constructions that might sound a bit flowery, or downright odd, if translated directly. For example, if a Frenchman says to you “Arretez votre char!” you don’t want your French interpreter to say that he told you to stop your chariot. That’s the literal translation; what’s he’s saying is “Stop bluffing!” As with translating from any language to English, our expert translators know how, and when, to be thoughtful and careful in making choices about direct French translation versus translating for sense and clarity. Extremely good translations are as much an art as a science. Making sure you, the customer, understand exactly what — and everything — that was written and intended by the original writing is often much more complicated than simply transcribing a document by translating French to English on a word by word, or even phrase by phrase, basis. However, a good translator also knows not to impose his or her own assumptions or judgment regarding what can be safely omitted. Cal Interpreting & Translations’ professionals are trained; and they are gifted. They make sure you get the message — in whole and, to the extent possible, with the flavor, tone, and voice of the original author. That’s the something extra we ask our French interpreters and translators to try and bring to their work for you, our clients.

Try Cal Interpreting & Translations First

There are a few agencies in Los Angeles that do French translation. We don’t think that will matter at all if you try us first. If you’ve already tried them, or have a quote, give us a chance to show you that we can do better. Cal Interpreting & Translations of Los Angeles provides French translation and interpretation services you can trust — professional, fast and cost-effective. Request your free quote today.

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