Birth Certification Translation

In a globalized world, people travel from one country to another for a variety of reasons, such as studies, business or a change in life. However, documentation is still a prerequisite no matter what the purpose of your moving to a foreign country is. A birth certificate is one of the most important legal documents someone should have, for the obvious reason that it proves your existence in the system and states who you are. It is necessary in every country in the world and is required for any legal activity. From getting married to setting up your own business. For immigration purposes in particular, a well-translated birth certificate is essential.

Why Choose Cal Interpreting & Translations?

When people need a document to be translated in another language, they sometimes think that its translation is an easy task they can complete by themselves. Especially when the target language is English, more and more people call themselves translators merely because they speak English. Translation is not a simple task though, as it involves a number of procedures before the translated work is ready. Even with a document that looks relatively simple, such as a birth certificate, challenges may arise. The information included in a birth certificate as well as the accepted format might differ from country to country. Furthermore, such documents might include legal terminology or names of legal authorities, which cannot be translated off-the-cuff. Professional translators know how to make such adjustments, they are aware of the cultural differences between their working languages and they are trained to localize such texts. Needless to say, certified and trained translators use the correct terminology when it comes to official translations of names of organizations, agencies and other authorities.

Fast and Accurate Translation of Birth Certificates

Assigning the translation of your birth certificate to a certified translator will save you time and money. As you probably know, most of the times, immigration services, such as the USCIS, are very meticulous with the information included in legal documents and a single slip or mistranslation may cause your application to be rejected. Hiring one of our certified translators guarantees that your birth certificate is translated accurately and quickly with the most competitive rates on the market. At Cal Interpreting & Translations, our certified translators can ensure that your translated document fulfills official requirements, such as the format of the certificate, a valid signature by a certified translator and an approved seal. Our certified translators will provide high quality and cost-effective translations of your birth certificate, which lead to immediate acceptance by the USICS or other similar immigration agencies.

Get the Most Competitive Rates with Cal Interpreting & Translations

At Cal Interpreting & Translations, we offer professional translation services according to the standards set by legal authorities, such as the USCIS. Legitimate and certified translators make sure that you will submit an authentic and flawless birth certificate to the immigration agency, your insurance company or your local authorities. Years of experience and knowledgeable staff have made us one of the most successful and well-respected translation agencies in California, nationally and abroad. We take care to deliver excellent quality translations within deadlines, even if the project has been assigned to us at the very last minute. Extra fees are not applicable for rush translations. Contact us for a quote today.